Serves 4
- 2 lobsters, weighing about 600g
- 1 chicken breast
- 1 bouquet garni
- 250g potatoes
- 500ml milk
- 75g double cream
- 60g butter
- Salt
- Freshly-milled pepper
- Herbs and shoots – red chard and chives
Cook the lobsters in vegetable stock.
Cook the chicken, rolled up in cling film, at 60°C.
Sweat the lobster shells with the bouquet garni. Deglaze using cognac, then add the tomato puree. Cook. Strain using a very fine sieve and season to taste.
Peal and cook the potatoes, and mash manually. Boil the milk, the double cream and the butter. Season and strain using a very fine sieve. Put the above in a siphon gun and keep warm in a bain-marie heated to 60°C.
Cut the lobster and the chicken into thin slices, and put both into a marinade. Place them in a stainless steel circle shaper, alternating slices of lobster and chicken. Then season using salt and pepper. Slightly grill the slices in the oven to warm them up.
Compose the dish, starting by placing the light potato puree at the bottom of a soup plate.
Turn out the lobster and chicken circle shaper onto the light puree.
Decorate the dish with a few dots of sauce, then garnish using a few leafs of red chard and the crispy brick pastry.